• Air jordan 9 In the other (to use his own words
  • 23.01.2012

But, hey, consumer electronics is my beat, so here’s what I predict will be the big news out of CES this week:Ultra HD and 8KPicked up your 4K television yet? Careful, it’s about to become obsolete, even though there’s still barely any content available at 4x the resolution of an HD television. Do you even need a higher resolution television? The jury’s still out on this one, and I’ll say that I do own a 4K television and it’s a lovely picture but almost all the content I view is in HD so it’s hardly a game changer at this point.Nonetheless, new Ultra HD (another name for 4K) televisions are being released en masse from dozens of manufacturers competing both to make increasingly affordable entry level units and high end systems with curved screens and revolutionary nano tech screens. Yes, including that kind of cinema cheap nfl jerseys, the kind that used to have an «X» rating at the local Pussycat Theater.While there are some truly revolutionary VR uses in education and entertainment, there are still usability and health issues to address.

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